Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to Get Fast Your Website Indexed in Google Search Engine

It can be very frustrating waitinHow to Get Fast Your Website Indexed in Google Search Engineg for your site to appear in the Google search engine results. Luckily for you, there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process. By following these methods, I usually have might sites indexed and appearing in search results within 48 hours.

Before taking action, you should first ensure that your website is optimized and search engine friendly. Make sure the code is clean and correct, you can run your HTML through a validation tool to check this. Also make sure that you have linked every page together so the search engines can easily crawl through every page on your website. Its also advisable to ensure that you have spell checked and proof read your content, and everything is polished and complete, particularly taking care to make sure all the links are working and none are broken. Once you have done this, you are ready to take action.

The first thing you should do after uploading your website is to social bookmark your URL with a few of the top social bookmarking sites. I usually use five different sites. Because these social bookmarking sites are so large, and are constantly updated with new content, the search engines bots crawl them regularly. It will only take a matter of minutes before your link is found, and the bots crawl your website too.

After I have social bookmarked my URL, I will make a few posts to well known popular forums, with my link in the signature. Just one post on two or three different forums is enough. Make sure that they are well established, frequently updated forums, so you can be sure that the search engine crawlers visit the site regularly. Again, it should take less than an hour for your link to be found and for the search engine crawlers to visit your page.

The next stage is to submit an article to a well known article directory, search engines are regularly crawling through the new pages. Your article with a link back to your new site will be found very quickly, and again your site will be crawled also.

The final part of my strategy is to post a few comments on some popular blogs. Ideally you are looking for blogs that have been established for a few years, are updated daily with new content, and have a high number of visitors. Leaving your link in with a blog comment will again send the search engine crawlers your way.

By combining these methods, you are creating a powerful system to ensure that your web pages are crawled thoroughly, and that your site is indexed fast. The sooner your site is indexed, the sooner you will start receiving free organic search engine traffic.

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