Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anchor Text Rule Based on Word Count

A quality guideline now becomes a rule.

Google has recently made some pretty significant changes in its ranking algorithm
Every month we raise the quality bar a little. This month is no different. Effective immediately, we’ve tightened our standards on how many words are accepted in anchor text links – and for good reason.
An “Anchor Text Link” is a clickable word or phrase that links to another web page.
Sadly, some authors abuse this ability by linking-up extremely long key phrases – or worse yet, entire sentences. Before you know it, a quality article looks like SPAM because it’s filled with giant text links. Suddenly the emphasis of the article is shifted from providing useful information to merely serving as a vehicle for link space in a spammy resource box.
Our Editorial Guidelines suggest limiting anchor text links to only 3 words but …
Expert Authors can now earn the ability to link-up 4-word and 5-word phrases* by submitting lengthier (over 400 words) high-quality articles.


  • If your article is shorter than 400 words, each text link may only contain a maximum of 3 words*

  • If your article is longer than 400 words, each text link may only contain a maximum of 5 words*
* Important Note: Any common words, including to, is, in, on, it, and, at, by, a, an and others will now be excluded from the word count.
Make sense?
Member feedback is what lead us to study, and then allow, the “common words” to *not* count towards the total words allowed in an anchor text link.

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